Worm Farm Composting Bin – Continuous Flow Through Vermi Composter for Worm Castings, Worm Tea Maker, Indoor/Outdoor, 20 gallons


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✔️ EASY TO USE: The Hungry Bin is a continuous flow-through worm composter so it does not rely on turning, stirring or mixing like a conventional composter. It uses a patented flow-through technology to continuously compost without your supervision. Because it is on wheels, the Hungry Bin can be easily moved.

✔️ MULTI-USE: Not only can you make the highest quality worm castings but Hungry Bin also makes the highest quality worm tea, at the same time!

✔️ FAST AND CLEAN: Hungry Bin processes up to 4.4 lbs. (2 kgs) of waste per day. The best part is you can put it right by your door. It will not smell or attract flies. The lid is at a handy height so you can put scraps in easily. No need to struggle with shifting trays or do any heavy lifting, simply harvest the castings from the tray when ready. The Hungry Bin does not have a tap that can block or need replacing. The liquid drains through a filter straight into a tray.

✔️ ECO-FRIENDLY: You will be saving food scraps from going into the land fill. Also, the Hungry Bin is manufactured from food grade polypropylene with organic colourants and comes in a food grade stability package. The plastic also contains between 5 and 15% recycled content from our own rejects.

✔️ LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Hungry Bin has been designed to last, its durable components and exceptional design means we standby our product and will guarantee it and its parts for life. All parts of the Hungry Bin are fully recyclable.



What is Hungry Bin?Designed and made in New Zealand, Hungry Bin is a fast and convenient way to compost your food scraps. The innovative design is highly efficient and can process up to 4 lbs of waste per day. It not only makes fantastic fertilizer and plant food – it looks great too.How does it work?No more lifting heavy and wet trays full of dirt and worms, Hungry Bin is designed to make harvesting castings clean and effortless. The design easily separates worms from the castings before harvest. The unique taper technology creates a large surface area allowing worms to easily access the food scraps at the top increasing their processing capacity while compressing their castings below. Nutrient-rich liquid that is harvested from the bottom tray. It does not have a tap that can block or need replacing, the liquid drains through a filter straight into the tray.What climates are safe?Hungry Bin is best suited to a temperate climate. In locations that experience extreme freezing or heat, it will need to be inside a protected location such as a garage or basement.Why Hungry Bin?Makes highest quality natural fertilizer that’s PH neutralLarge capacity utilizing patented taper technologyClean. Simple to harvest castings and teaVermin-freeNo smellSmall footprintEasy to move, No heavy liftingSave money, make your own high-quality fertilizerWhat’s included?Assembly instructions and a 16-week feeding timeline to help increase the worm population from time of installation.Owners manual with illustrations and troubleshootingWhat you’ll need?Bedding not included. We recommend starting with a free draining compost soil or coconut coir for bedding.Compost Worms are not included and must be purchased separately. We recommend starting your with a minimum of 2000 compost worms. See listing for option with worms.


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