Stratus RG202 Long Term Professional Rain and Snow Gauge


Constructed of heavy-duty, UV resistant polycarbonate Measures a full 11 inches of precipitation Inner measuring tube has a capacity of 1 inch and is graduated to one hundredth of an inch Rainfall exceeding 1.00 inch flows into the outer cylinder Funnel and measuring tube are removed for collecting sleet and snow



Easily and accurately monitor rainfall amounts with the StratusTM Rain Gauge, a precision weather instrument manufactured to United States Weather Bureau specifications. Official weather observers around the country rely on these standards for accurate weather reporting. Constructed of heavy-duty, UV resistant polycarbonate, this rain gauge will stand up to years of rough weather and full sun without fading or corroding. A funnel top on the rain gauge catches rain and delivers it to a one-inch measuring tube, while the extra-large outer cylinder captures rain volumes over one inch up to 11 inches, and can be detached to measure snow, hail, or sleet. The StratusTM is guaranteed accurate to 1/100th of an inch! Installing the rain gauge on a post (away from buildings and trees) is easy with its exclusive “Quick Connect” bracket, which lets you quickly remove the cylinder for easy measurement or cleaning (and there are no metal parts to rust!).


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