Silvercloud Trading Co. Tobacco Basket, Farmhouse Decor, Med 21″ Square


  • Medium (21″x21″x5″) – Sold Individually
  • Handmade of Solid Wood
  • Great for Wall, Wreath and Tabletop Display
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Vintage Distressed Rustic Patina


Until about 1980, tobacco baskets were used to carry and display tobacco taken to market. Today, they can be used to decorate your home or fixer upper by adding warmth through color, texture and character.

They are most commonly used as staging for wreaths and home decor, but can be hung on the wall as-is. Our tobacco baskets are pictured with a cotton wreath for a Farmhouse Decor style, but any wreath, boxwood, magnolia, or floral, would look nice framed in a tobacco basket.You can also use them to flank a bigger piece of furniture. Silvercloud Trading Co. sells 3 sizes of tobacco basket (17″, 21″, 25″). Tobacco baskets are a classic and eclectic staple for current interior design , they have a patina that gives a true vintage look to your decor. These Baskets are handmade of real wood and may vary in size by up to 1/2″ (half an Inch). Please Keep in mind that due to the fact that these are handmade, they may have slight imperfections such as knots, splits and color variances. These variations and imperfections add variety and individuality to the baskets.

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Shipping cost is nonrefundable on returns so measure twice and all will be easy and nice.


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