MOSKILA pantry moth trap


EPA number: 98148-CHN-1

  • 💯Premium Pheromone Attractant: Main material of the moth traps- Pheromone- a chemical is produced by animals and attracting to moths in house. Pheromone in clothes moth traps can travel enormous distances and control moths in carpet and moths in pantry even at low concentrations.
  • 💯 Non-toxic carpet moth killer: Pheromone moth traps contain no harsh chemicals or insecticide. This clothes moth killer is 100% safe for the health of you family so pantry pest traps can be used around kids, pets and food.
  • 💯Effective moth treatment: The best clothes moth repellent traps are designed to help you get rid of moth infestation from clothes moth eggs, clothes moth larvae, wool moth and cedar moth. A piece of moth control trap can control moth clothes damage up to 480 hours. Continued use of the pantry moth killer ensures any earlier laid eggs will be caught when they emerge as adults.
  • 💯Easy and ready to use moth deterrents: Pheromone lures papers are disposable and convenient moth sticky traps. All the things you need to do are opening, peeling and folding moth glue traps and putting these moth papers in your closet. Replace moth traps every three months or sooner if they are full.
  • 💯Great support guarantee: The result of cloth moth traps is guaranteed! We are always willing to hear any question about this cloth moth killer. If you have any question, please contact our customer service, we will reply within 24 hours.


Item #: 2041

moth trap
moth trap
moth trap
moth trap


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