Firedragon: Blow Poke Fireplace Tool


  • An elegant and effective fireplace and BBQ tool which quickly gets your fire blazing
  • No need for fuels or other harmful solvents
  • Prongs for raking coals and turning logs with ease
  • Helps to keep a safe distance from the fire and smoke
  • Black power-coated steel shaft with polished brass mouthpiece


The elegant Firedragon is the best tool we know for reviving fires and is one of our most appreciated gifts. It is the easiest, safest, most eco-friendly way to get those flames blazing. No bending, no smoke in your eyes, no burnt fingers, no messy solvents, no frustration! With the 3 ft Firedragon, you sit at a comfortable distance from the flames and effortlessly blow air to the heart of the fire. Your fireplace, chimenea, BBQ or campfire will jump to life immediately. Moving logs and raking charcoal is easy with the built-in prongs.


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