Diverter Valve Spa Gray Hot Tub Stem O-Rings Cap Handle Kit


Spa Diverter Valve Cap

3 3/4″ Wide

2 3/4″ Thread Width

Fits Most Standard 2″ Diverter Valves

Center Hole is about 3/4″ Wide



You are Buying a Gray Notched 3 3/4″ Spa Diverter Cap, Handle Knob, Stem & O-Rings only. This is a NON Buttress style Cap if your cap has the word Buttress stamped in it look in our store for a Buttress cap. This Diverter Cap mounts on top of the Diverter Valve with the Stem sticking through that the (2) Small O-Rings god on then this handle goes in top of the stem square The Large O-Ring fits on the body under the cap. The Diverter Valve that this part fits is used to Divert Water into different sides of a hot tub and fits many different brands. The outside measurement of the Cap is about 3 3/4″ the inside thread measurement is about 2 3/4″ and the center hole where the stem and o-rings go measures about 3/4″, Then the handle is about 4″ long end to end and 2″ wide side to side at thew widest part and the square hole in handle is 7/16″ wide, The Stem fits into the valve body the stem is 5 7/16″ Long and the widest part is 2 1/4″ wide and the square part on the top that the handle fits on is 7/16″ wide. The list on this Cap, Handle, Stem & O-Ring is $60.99. This Part is used in Many Brand of Hot Tub With Gray Colored Parts . We have plenty of these. This listing is for the Cap, Knob & O-Rings only all other parts shown are for illustration only and sold separately. We offer the Cap and Handle in different colors and shapes and the o-rings, Stem and Complete valves & Kits in our Store. waterway , cmp , hydro air , hydroid NOTE: There are times that this kit will not solve the concern of the cap blowing off. If you replace the cap and it continues to blow off you will need to replace the entire valve. We do offer complete valve kits in our store


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