Bonsai Jack – Red/Maroon 1/4 inch Horticultural Lava Rock Soil Additive for Cacti, Succulents, Plants – No Dyes or Chemicals – 100% Pure Volcanic Rock (2 Quarts, Top Dressing)


EASY TO MAINTAIN — Focus on the most satisfying part of maintaining a plant. Adding porous lava rocks instead of mulch to maintain plants like orchids, succulents, cacti, and bonsai trees ensures proper drainage while maintaining moisture.

IDEAL DRAINAGE — The porosity of lava rocks allows for excellent drainage while maintaining moisture within soil to allow your newly potted, acid-loving plants to cultivate and flourish

CUSTOMIZABLE MIX — Lava Rock is used as a soil additive or top dressing in the art of bonsai. Bonsai Jack lava rock soil additive can be mixed with ingredients such as pine bark fines, granite grit, calcined clay, and or dirt to create soil specific to your needs.

MULTI-USE — The temperature tolerance and quality of Bonsai Jack lava rocks make it useful for filling aquariums, ashtrays, fire media, garden soil amendment, fire pits, in addition to top dressing for plants.

MADE IN THE USA — All Bonsai Jack soil products are lab-tested, are not dyed, and are chemical free, unlike other brands that sell reclaimed organic matter which contain pathogens like nematodes and insects that can damage or kill plants.



Two quart bag of bonsai soil amendment. Ready to use! Bonsai Jack products are crushed, screened, rinsed, dried, accurately measured, bagged and shipped to your door. Components are tested for pathogens, PH, CEC(cation exchange capacity), bulk density, moisture retention, evaporation and nematodes. Bonsai Jack aggregates are used for many soil applications including bonsai, succulent, orchids and cacti. Mix with other ingredients to create a bonsai soil specific to your needs. This is not a ready to use complete soil mix. You are purchasing one ingredient only. Did you know? Up to 50 percent of Bonsai Jack raw mine material is not suitable for bonsai and is discarded during production. This ensures you receive a ready to use consistently sized aggregate. Bonsai Jack products are not simply repackaged raw mine material with a guestimated volume. An average of 18 minutes is spent processing each bag of aggregate before it reaches your door. Some aggregates require 20 minutes per gallon. A perfect tree in the perfect soil can still suffer. Factors such as water PH and fertilizer are additional variables to consider. We provide products backed by real science. Its important to apply this science to your local environment. What works in one city may not work the best in another. All of Bonsai Jack soil products are state inspected and tested on a regular basis in order to comply with interstate regulations. This ensures you receive material free of dangerous pathogens that can damage or kill bonsai trees. This is also required to maintain nursery stamps that permit interstate shipments. These regulations play an important part in preventing the spread of harmful critters such as IFA’s (Imported Fire Ant’s), Nematodes and Wood Borers. This also provides some residual pathogen control for your bonsai.


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