Analog Weather Station with Galileo Thermometer, Hygrometer and Glass Fluid Barometer


Oak base with an 11 inch glass Galileo Thermometer, Glass barometer, blue coloring powder and wood framed hygrometer

The Galileo Thermometer is 11.4 inch tall with 5 colorfull floats each with gold plated tag represents temperatures from 64ºF to 80ºF

Glass Barometer globe with blue coloring poweder, plastic syringe and tube – All that needed to put the colored water in the globe.

Oak wood framed hygrometer is 2.5 inch diameter

Instructions included



A lovely conversation starter and a fun example of early scientific measurement, this Galileo thermometer, Glass Barometer and Analog Hygrometer set from Lily’s Home engages the eye while monitoring the weather. Designed for approximate interpretation of temperature and general prediction of fair or foul weather, the set features glass instruments that rely on the principles of buoyancy and air pressure for their function. In the thermometer, the brightly colored internal spheres rise and lower with fluctuations in temperature and corresponding density. The ball-shaped barometer shifts liquid to and from its curved spout in response to changes in the air pressure. The Hygrometer reflects the relative humidity in percent from 0 to 100%. All pieces are beautifully shaped, and the barometer features a lovely etching of the Earth’s continents. A wooden base makes the set easily displayable on desk or bookshelf. Delightful for gift giving, the unit measures 10.5 inches long and stands 12 inches high.


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