Al’s Flower Pouch, 10 hole, 10 pack


About this item

Slits are precut and evenly spaced to provide beautiful growth

Maximize space and grow beautiful hanging flowers or veggies

Used with any 4” – 5” plant material

Adds life to garden fences and walls, posts, gates, railings, decks and anywhere else you find that could use a little splash of colour.

The possibilities are endless and beautiful!



Watch your profits increase with Al’s Flower Pouches. These are the original, time tested pouches that ensure the success you expect. The slits are precut to save time, are spaced to maximize coverage, and are on one side of the bag for easy shipping. The patented handle is fused to increase strength to over 11 mil so it will not stretch or become brittle. Available in three sizes including the original 10 slit (8” x 20”) that allows for great coverage, the 5 slit (8” x 20”) that is designed for larger or premium plugs, designed for growing vegetables, herbs, and for growers using 15” shipping carts.


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