2 Packs Fly Traps for Indoors – Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors – Electric Indoor Fly Trap – Indoor Mosquito Killer for Gnats, Ants, Moths – Plug-in Fruit Fly Trap Insects with UV Light and Sticky Board


  • How its function: You now can say goodbye to flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, gnats, and fruit flies in the saving and friendly way with the UV lights indoor mosquito trap. The blue light with wavelength of 395nm released from the mosquito trap indoor will lure insects to get them by the glue sheet included.
  • Home-friendly appearance and material: The glue boards, shaped like clouds, are perfect for use in both adult and children’s rooms. Moreover, the fruit fly trap uses light as its lure for insects, ensuring no risk of harm such as electric or sound disturbances for pets and humans.
  • Wide area protection: Our indoor gnat traps are ideal for home rooms with the light covering extending up to 20 square meters. To achieve the best results, we advise closing doors and windows before setting up the indoor fruit fly killer and placing it in a dark area to enhance its effectiveness. This indoor ant trap is a favored option for residences, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and indoor gardens.
  • Saving energy with attractant light: The power-saving light emit a wavelength of 395 nm to lure insects that is enough for medium or large room. When you wish to turn it off, simply press the OFF button. Moreover, the light is designed to be gentle on the eyes and ensures a peaceful sleep. Health Canada Pest Control Product Registration No.: 21465
  • Easy to set up indoor mouse traps for home: just peel off the glue sheet’s protective film and insert it into the trap. Plug the flying insect trap into a wall outlet near the areas where you’ve seen insects and press the ON/OFF button. Each package includes 2 flying insect traps, 12 glue boards, and a user manual. You can easily replace the glue boards whenever they become full of insects.


Package including:

02 Flying insect trap

12 Sticky Sheets


Dimension: 2,68 x 2,68 x 1,42 inches

Power consumption: 0,4W

Input voltage: AC 100-240V

Material: ABS

How to use:

1. Easily peel off the film from the glue sheet and insert it into the traps.

2, After inserting the sheet, plug the outdoor fly traps into a wall outlet near areas where you’ve noticed insects, and press the ON/OFF button.

3, When the glue boards become full of insects, replace them with new ones.

Tips for use:

Close all windows and doors before setting it up to get the optimal effectiveness of the fly trap.

The fly light trap should be places in a dark and enclosed space. Flies are attracted to light, so positioning the bug catcher kit for kids in a dark area will draw them in effectively.

Choose locations where mosquitoes are commonly found, such as room corners, doors, windows, or trash cans to plug the moth traps. to increase the chances of capturing them.

To enhance the attractiveness of the mosquito trap, consider adding food or a drop of honey. The scent of the food will lure flies towards the indoor ant killer, increasing its effectiveness.

In larger areas or with stubborn fly problems, using multiple indoor insect traps may be necessary. This will provide more surface area for trapping flies and improve their overall effectiveness.

Now wait for the gnat killer indoor as it may take some time to see significant results. With regular placement, the trap will gradually help control the insects over time.


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